1. Tuesday

    The smell of Ironlak tends to grow on you.

  2. Monday Morning Main Squeeze

  3. catnmotion:

    Homemade father’s day created by @papersandwiches! Aka my fiance. :) (Taken with Instagram)

  4. WSM: Craft Spells - Idle Labor


  5. Record Store Insider Tips

    “…etched b-side…”

    Actual definition: Same price as any of these other records, but for less music.


  6. Monday Morning Main Squeeze

  8. WSM: Washed Out - Life of Leisure


  9. Tuesday

    As you grow older, you realize you don’t really need much and end up buying things such as home furnishing items and home essentials. Today, my workday is being spent looking at new tea cups and espresso machines.

  10. Monday Morning Main Squeeze